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7 Tips for dressing your family for a photoshoot

Finding the perfect family picture outfits to show your family's unique personality and style can be tricky, so try these 7 tips!

  1. Coordination, not matching

We don't need everyone going out and buying the same matching white shirts with pressed blue jeans for a family photo to look polished. Instead, find a color scheme (Perhaps by looking at the theme and colors in your home) that matches your family's personality, and use coordinating colors and patterns to allow everyone to show off their own personal style!

Here is an example of using patterns to coordinate color

2. Make sure patterns match

I know, I know.. I just said not to worry about matching, but unless your purposely going for a loud and tacky theme to your photos (Early 90s, perhaps?) try to be sure that your patterns match. We all love a cute patterned outfit, but if one child is wearing stripes, and the other is decked out in all plaid, it may be a bit distracting and messy. Best to stick with matching patterns, solid colors, or a coordinated mix of both! Looking at the colors in the pattern and matching your solids using those colors gives you even more options.

3. Consider location

Location matters. Think about where your shoot will be taking place, and choose outfits that will fit that location. If you're at the beach, light blues, whites, tans, and yellows create a nice pallet to work with the environment around you, since it's a calm and clean backdrop. If you're out in nature, try to avoid greens, as you and your family won't stand out well from the background. If you're in a downtown environment, choose colors like red and blue, that may help you stand apart from the noise around you. It's a delicate balance, and if you're concerned, ask your photographer. We're always happy to give advice.

4. Wear what makes you feel good

I've been asked many times "What clothes look nicest in photos?" and the answer is simple; whatever you feel most confident in! The best photography comes from people feeling their best and having a good time, which is hard to do if you are feeling awkward and uncomfortable. So, if you think you look best in jeans and a tee shirt, go with jeans and a tee shirt! If a fancy flowy dress makes you feel beautiful, go with it! If you feel awesome in a skirt and crop top with big old army boots, rock that and feel like your best self! Just make sure the rest of the family can keep up. 😉

5. Accessorize

Not only do accessories add a bit of flair and extra personality to an outfit, but they also can be utilized as fun props! A fun big hat for the kids to peek from behind, a scarf to wiggle in baby's face to make them giggle, a tie to pull your husband in for a kiss.. These photos are as much about capturing the fun as they are about looking nice, so embrace the fun details.

Now, here are a few tips about what to avoid when dressing your family for a photo shoot.

6. Do not wear the wrong shoes

One common mistake when planning outfits is deciding on the wrong shoes. There are many ways that one can go wrong here. The first and most obvious, uncomfortable shoes. Yes, heels do look amazing with that outfit, however, after about 20 minutes of standing, walking, and trying to get more playful shots, they will not feel like such an amazing decision. I suggest flats, if possible, but if you are really set on a certain pair of shoes, I recommend bringing a second pair for the shots that are more active and that don't show full body. Also, if you are buying new shoes for the session, be sure to have everyone break them in beforehand. We don't need another reason for the kids to have grumpy faces in your photos. The second mistake is not thinking about socks, which are a very easy detail to overlook. Your best best is ankle length, white socks. Anything else may stand out or clash.

7. Avoid characters

This might seem obvious, but do your best to avoid wearing words, logos, or characters on your clothing. It is distracting and very rarely stands the test of time.

The most important part of any photo shoot is to feel confident, comfortable, and happy. No one else can tell you what that looks like for your family. So, have fun with it, and don't let it be too much pressure. Your smiles, love, and happiness are what will really make your photos stand out and look amazing! Have a great shoot!

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