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7 Tips for dressing your family for a photoshoot

Finding the perfect family picture outfits to show your family's unique personality and style can be tricky, so try these 7 tips!

  1. Coordination, not matching

We don't need everyone going out and buying the same matching white shirts with pressed blue jeans for a family photo to look polished. Instead, find a color scheme (Perhaps by looking at the theme and colors in your home) that matches your family's personality, and use coordinating colors and patterns to allow everyone to show off their own personal style!

Here is an example of using patterns to coordinate color

2. Make sure patterns match

I know, I know.. I just said not to worry about matching, but unless your purposely going for a loud and tacky theme to your photos (Early 90s, perhaps?) try to be sure that your patterns match. We all love a cute patterned outfit, but if one child is wearing stripes, and the other is decked out in all plaid, it may be a bit distracting and messy. Best to stick with matching patterns, solid colors, or a coordinated mix of both! Looking at the colors in the pattern and matching your solids using those colors gives you even more options.

3. Consider location

Location matters. Think about where your shoot will be taking place, and choose outfits that will fit that location. If you