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Rebranding from A sign of life

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

If you have been with A sign of life for a while, whether it is from our now defunct website ( or from our Youtube channel. You will know that I have been using that brand name for a long time. Just how long? I published my first website ( in 2004, so it's been almost 2 decades. It's been a hell of a journey with a lot of ups and downs. We have published viral content, and other times, flopped. I have neglected the brand at times and allowed it to fall into disrepair after years of (semi)success. So, I believe it's time for a rebrand. I held onto the name A sign of life for simply sentimental, nostalgic reasons. It is time for me to leave that chapter of my life behind.

Let me introduce you to Jachl Fam (pronounced Jackal). This new brand name was decided on by my whole family. Jachl is a combination of everyone's name. Jae, Augie, Callie, Holly and Lyric. This will be a place for my whole family to share their ideas and creations. A place all of us can be excited about and hopefully a place where our audience can engage with us and become a part of the Jachl Family.

Welcome to the new us. I hope you enjoy our content as much as we enjoy making it.


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