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The Importance Of Photography

Photography can be a fun hobby. Photography can give you sweet, smiley pictures to hang on your living room wall. It can help you show off your new makeup look or today's outfit on your social media for your friends and family to see and admire. These are all great things! However, there is even more to taking photos that can create an even more lasting and significant impact.

Here are just some of the examples of why photography is one of the most important tools we can utilize.

1. Historical Significance

It's easy to use words to describe the people of the past. The way they lived, the games they played, their traditions, hair and clothing styles... But seeing them for yourself really establishes and helps prove that it's all more than just hearsay. It helps us realize that these were real people experiencing real events. It helps us feel that our history was their reality.

Many historical events were captured in photographs, and they hold a mood, an emotion, a truth that otherwise might be erased with time. These iconic images help us shape our history. With them, we can form opinions to make better decisions in the future.

2. They Tell A Story

Photos can tell a story of someone's life, or even just a moment in it. They can establish a timeline of the past, and bring back what was felt in those moments.