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We Need To Stop Denying Our Privilege.

Updated: Jan 28

Listen, I'm going to lay this out for people who still don't get it, feel free to share the message.

I've been reading a lot about what you learn when becoming a social worker.. Here's what they tell you about privilege.. I think that I can break it down pretty well..

There are many types of privilege. As a social worker you are made to take every one of them into consideration, as they all matter to someone's situation. There's class privilege, gender privilege, heterosexual privilege, religious privilege, and yes.. white privilege, just to name a few.


You can have a white straight homeless man and a black transgender homeless woman. Neither of them have class privilege, but which do you think is more likely to be r*ped and murdered? I bet I don't even need to show you the statistics on that one.

Or take a middle class straight white man and a wealthy, straight black man... Sure, economically the black man is doing better.. but which one do you think is more likely to be told they "fit the description of a suspicious person they're looking for"? Which one has entire country wide hate groups dedicated to wanting to harm them for existing?

How about a straight, middle class couple walking down the street holding hands, compared to a gay middle class couple walking down the street holding hands? Which of you is more likely to have shit yelled at them, or worse?

What about a nun wearing their traditional clothing being revered while a women in a hijab is shamed?

Imagine a group of Christians in a park praying and singing worship songs.. now imagine a Wiccan group doing some "witchy shit" in the park.. which do you think would be told to leave faster?

So next time someone mentions white privilege and you say "I had to work for everything I have, I HAVE NO PRIVILEGE!" Maybe you could take a second to realize that your socioeconomic status doesn't have a barring on the other types of privilege you may hold. Admitting that you benefit from certain aspects does not take away from the work that you have done in your life, it does not mean that you never have to try for anything. We all have our own struggles. However, when you admit and help bring to light that we treat people differently based on shallow pieces of who they are, we can begin to fix those not-so-subtle discrepancies within the way that we treat our fellow humans.

Continue to educate yourself, even after you're no longer in school. It's important to getting rid of the ignorance that this country tends to cling to so desperately.

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