Essential for growing Microgreens! 


Dimensions: 54x28cm / 21.26"x11.02"


Medium size trays are easy to carry and fit on a windowsill - Sturdier, easier to carry and more manageable than larger 1020 trays

PERFECT FOR STARTING SEEDS, GROWING MICROGREENS, HERBS LEAVES - Useful for hydroponics, indoor gardening or in your greenhouse. Our customers also use these as Wheatgrass trays, Microgreen trays and for Cat grass.

STRONG HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC FLATS - Durable, reusable and recyclable

SAVE TIME WATERING PLANTS - NO LEAKS! - Just stand your cell inserts and plant pots in these trays and let them soak up the water!

Microgreen Tray 5 pack (No holes)

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