Jae and Lyric



Jachl Fam is a family of eco friendly, cannabis and mental health advocating content creators. We stream (twitch/jachlfam), blog, vlog (click here) and make a variety of content. Make sure to check out our multiple channels and subscribe or follow.

Our mission: Jae and Holly have been reinventing themselves together since 2006. Jae grew up in Santa Cruz California, Holly in Marine City Michigan. In their time together they have learned a lot about each other and the world. They've gone from selfish teenagers to caring about equality and the environment. Our journey is far from over, it is just beginning.

We want to bring awareness to cannabis and all of its benefits and break the stigmas surrounding it. 

We want to help break the stigma around metal health and help bring to light some natural ways to improve peoples mental health. 

We want to build a community of like minded people. Encourage eco friendly practices and in the future build a eco friendly village where people are supportive, self sustaining and completely off the grid. If you wish to learn more about our Jachl Farm project click here.