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Jachl Fam (pronounced Jackal Fam) is a husband and wife team serving Auburn California and the surrounding communities. Striving to deliver high-quality photography to all their clients. Jae specializes in events, products, and photo editing while Holly specializes in weddings, family, and portraits making them a great team and diverse team.

Our mission: Jae and Holly have been reinventing themselves together since 2006. Jae grew up in Santa Cruz California, Holly in Marine City Michigan. In their time together they have learned a lot about each other and the world. They've gone from selfish teenagers to caring about equality and the environment. Our journey is far from over, it is just beginning.

Jae enjoys challenging himself to photograph products in a way that will help show future buyers how the product works and why they should buy it. He is also a huge fan of candid photography at events. Capturing real moments, not just posed photos. 

Jae Jachl


Holly's favorite thing to do is work with models, families, and especially with children. She enjoys both a laid 

back and slow session, as well as the exciting and fast paced environment of weddings. Mixing it up keeps things

fun and fresh. She is always down to work with more unique and creative ideas, and tries to think outside of the box.

Her main goal is for her clients to feel comfortable and relaxed, and to deliver a product that captures memories that

will last forever.


Holly Jachl




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